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Voltage Optimisation

Powerstar voltage optimisation systems are unique, patented energy saving solutions that match the incoming electricity supply to the needs of onsite equipment and returns any excess energy back to the grid by generating real negative power. Powerstar provides savings on electricity bills, reduces electricity consumption and cuts carbon emissions for businesses.


Energy Storage

Powerstar virtue harnesses the real negative power generated by the Powerstar voltage optimisation systems to charge a storage medium allowing users to save and store electricity locally and switch to this supply at times of peak demand to save money and ensure a consistent and reliable electricity supply. Powerstar Virtue can be integrated with renewable generation sources to maximise benefits.


Powerstar Voltage Optimisation & Energy Storage Solutions

Energy Storage

Powerstar Virtue enables companies to reduce costs by storing electricity locally and allowing them to switch to this supply as required.

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Voltage Optimisation

Powerstar HV MAX is a super low-loss amorphous core HV transformer combined with electronic-dynamic (variable) voltage optimisation.

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Powerstar MAX provides electronic-dynamic (variable) voltage optimisation, ensuring a constant and stable voltage output is provided.

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Powerstar optimises the voltage by a set level reduction across a pre-defined tap range and matches the incoming voltage profile.

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More Information

Powerstar is the only voltage optimisation system with a patented design, this unique range of solutions which are fully designed and manufactured in the UK can provide substantial financial and energy consumption savings for businesses. Due to it’s unique design, Powerstar remains one of the only voltage optimisation systems on the market able make savings on LED’s and VSD’s, offering increased saving potential for many clients.

Benefits Of Powerstar


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Powerstar Virtue Webinar

Date: Wednesday 10th February
Cost: Free


January 2016: Seminar roadshow highlights a key technology following ESOS assessments

Following the mandatory energy usage audits carried out by qualified assessors as part of the Environment Agency’s Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS), voltage optimisation emerged as one of the...