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Power resilience for a net zero world

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Formed in 2001 in Sheffield, Powerstar is a market-leading smart energy solutions manufacturer.

More of everything we do is becoming automated & electrified, and at the same time we shift to greener, sometimes less reliable forms of power generation. This has led to real concerns about power reliability (blackouts and brownouts etc.) & quality (voltage dips, frequency issues etc.)

Businesses generally have 2 choices. Hope that governments solve these issues quickly or ensure their own energy resilience. At Powerstar we’re committed to helping businesses achieve the latter and take their energy into their own hands.

Through extensive investment into research and development, we have developed an impressive range of advanced hardware and software from super low-loss transformers, to patented voltage optimisation, and battery energy storage with site-wide Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) capabilities. All are manufactured at our facilities in Sheffield and Bromsgrove in the UK.

Our main capabilities lie in the management of customer’s power, with sophisticated control systems and software to manage on-site power flows effectively and intelligently to make your power greener and cheaper.

Together, let us solve the energy trilemma, and let Powerstar make your power more reliable, affordable, and sustainable For an overview of what we do and how we do it, download our brochure using the button below.

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Our Board of Executive and Non-Executive Directors offers a wealth of experience and knowledge across every area of our business markets.



Dr. Alex Mardapittas is the Chief Executive Officer at Powerstar and founded the company in 2001. An experienced chartered engineer, with a research doctorate, Alex has used his extensive knowledge and experience to spearhead Powerstar since its inception.



Colin is International Partner at SCF Partners. Prior to that, Colin served as Head of International Energy Investment Banking at Simmons & Company International.



David Seabridge joined the Powerstar team as Chief Financial Officer in September 2022 and is responsible for all company finances, FP&A activity and Human Resources.

A qualified accountant with over 20 years of senior Board Level experience in financial, commercial and operational roles in high growth and complex businesses where he has been key to strategy and market development.

He has a reputation for driving fast, sustainable, profitable growth both organically and through the identification, execution and integration of acquisitions and building value for shareholders

David has a proven track record of implementing change management initiatives through deep involvement in the company’s operations, sponsoring critical appraisals of all aspects of each business unit and introducing continuous improvement methodologies.

Solon Mardapittas



Solon oversees all product development, existing product optimisation, technical issues and R&D. This encompasses numerous engineering disciplines, from large scale power engineering and design to micro-scale engineering such as PCB design. Solon holds a Masters in Chemistry, which includes research projects in organic electronics, and is also a member of the Royal Society of Chemistry and the Institute of Directors.



Steve is the former CEO and current Chairman of TPI Composites and led the company to become the largest independent global wind blade manufacturer, with over 15,000 employees.

He also recently helped spearhead the creation of the newly established American Clean Power Association (ACP).

Senior Management Team

Our commitment to innovation, investment in people, and customer-focused approach is fostered by the combined abilities of our management team and continues to underpin and drive our status as market leaders. Our senior management team also includes:

Mathew Hancox



Mathew served in the Royal Marines including point man duties during a tour of Afghanistan. Mathew acquired an undergraduate degree and spent several years with JaguarLandRover covering numerous manufacturing, engineering and strategic positions while completing an MBA in his own time. Mathew joined Powerstar to oversee transformer operations in January 2022.


Simon Port

Simon joined Powerstar as Head of Design in March 2022,  In October 2022 he became the Head of Design and Engineering, responsible for keeping those departments working together to improve productivity. A Member of the IET, Simon has years of experience in the Oil and gas industry and extensive knowledge of Low Voltage AC System and  DC systems, Leading to him being a recognised professional in the electrical field.

Driven by a growth mindset and attention to detail resulting in a passion for electrical engineering,  Simon has a proven track record of leading engineering teams with a strong focus on accuracy and integrity.

What our customers say

“Powerstar identified waste that we did not think we had. They diligently overcame issues during commissioning and have provided us with a fault-free system that saves what they promised.”

MARK BOXALL Managing Director Tetra Pak CPS Ltd

“Powerstar has been a major part of our comprehensive energy efficiency programme. It is perhaps the simplest and most effective way to instantly save energy and therefore we would highly recommend Powerstar systems.”

MARK ORPIN Head of Energy Management ASDA Supermarkets

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