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Power resilience for a net zero world

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Reducing Energy Bills

Reducing commercial energy bills is often at the forefront of many businesses’ efforts to lower costs. The transition to renewable energy and other factors have created a lot of volatility in the power market, with large jumps in electricity prices increasingly common.

The Energy Crisis & a complex range of additional tariffs, known as green levies, are expected to continue to push electricity prices upwards. Green levies now make up a large portion of overall costs. The need to reduce energy bills will become a critical consideration for any commercial, industrial, or public sector organisation.

How technology can lower energy costs?

Introducing on-site generation of electricity will be one of the most significant ways of reducing energy bills. With sufficient generation and a battery energy storage system, a site can potentially generate all of the electricity that it needs from free sources such as sun and wind.

However, even smaller on-site generation can be coupled with a microgrid control system to automatically manage a site’s power. This uses artificial intelligence to predict how much energy will be generated on-site, and what the site’s power demands are likely to be.

Combined with the varying cost of purchasing electricity from the National Grid, the control system can ensure that the site always uses the cheapest energy to achieve its aims.

Voltage Optimisation is a much quicker and easier technology to add to a site but will provide a measurable, tangible saving to electricity consumption and costs. While there are usually some usage efficiencies to reduce your energy bills all businesses will eventually arrive at a point where there is little extra to be gained without using technology. Powerstar’s patented voltage optimisation has saved thousands of businesses thousands of pounds over more than 20 years. Voltage optimisation will often pay for itself in just a few years, sooner if energy costs stay high. Read more about Voltage Optimisation

Which sectors benefit most from reducing energy bills?

The larger your electricity spend, the more important it is likely to be for you to reduce that cost. Furthermore, the investment required to implement technology on site is less significant relative to the savings you will get.

Nonetheless, all of the technology mentioned above is scalable and can be applied to any commercial or industrial site. All of the core sectors have historically benefitted from fast payback times on their investment in Powerstar technology.

Energy Savings Calculator

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The cheapest and greenest energy is the energy you don’t use.

Are you worried about the ever-rising cost of electricity for your business? Find out how much money you could save by completing our 2-minute Energy Saving Calculator.

Grab a recent electricity bill, fill out a few details and within just a few minutes you will have a savings estimation.

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