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Power resilience for a net zero world

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The race to a net-zero world is causing big changes to your electricity supply.

Renewable electricity is generated in unpredictable, unplannable bursts. Your power supply from the national grid is not as reliable or constant as it once was. Your risk of blackout, brownout, voltage drops, voltage spikes, and frequency variations is increasing.

This is happening at exactly the same time that you are becoming increasingly dependent on a stable power supply. Everything is becoming electrified – your communications, your critical processes, your money, your data, even your car, and your heating. You cannot afford even the slightest disruption to your power, which can have significant financial and operational consequences.

Power resilience is achieved with battery energy storage systems, voltage optimisation and sophisticated energy management and control software.

Smart Microgrids

Become self-reliant by turning your site into a smart microgrid.

Solving Grid Constraints

Enable the connection of new loads or generation without upgrading electrical infrastructure.

Reducing Energy Bills

Use power more intelligently and effectively to reduce your business/organisation's energy bills and electricity costs.

Power Resilience

The ability to continue your core activities without impact from disruption to your power supply.

On-site Generation

Reduce reliance on grid supplied power with on-site electricity generation.

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