Benefits of Powerstar

Power OptimisationPower OptimisationPower OptimisationPower Optimisation

The Powerstar range of voltage optimisation systems are proven and established power optimisation solutions that can deliver significant savings for clients. The latest innovation from Powerstar is Powerstar Virtue, an energy storage system which can be integrated with any Powerstar MAX or HV MAX system.

Benefits of Powerstar voltage optimisation systems

Primary benefits of power optimisation through installation of a Powerstar voltage optimisation system include:

  • SAVE: On electricity costs
  • REDUCE: Financial risks; lower capital costs and increased bottom line
  • CUT: Carbon footprint and CO2 emissions
  • PROTECT: Corporate Social Responsibility and Reputation

In addition, through installation of a Powerstar voltage optimisation system, clients will also benefit from a number of associated benefits through effective power optimisation, voltage management and cleaning of the incoming electricity supply, these include:

    • Significantly reduced harmonics
    • Improved power factor by up to 20%
    • Lowered operating temperatures of motors
    • Increased life expectancy of onsite equipment and machinery
    • Voltage phase balancing
    • Provides savings on a variety of loads including LED lights
    • Helps withstand damaging transients (power spikes)
    • Up to 15 years warranty (10 years outside of UK, Australia & Cyprus)
    • Estimated 50 year life span
    • A no maintenance solution (with no moving parts)


Benefits of the Powerstar Virtue energy storage system

Powerstar Virtue provides savings potential for large electricity users and utility grid operators, allowing for energy generated during low demand periods to be stored locally and used at any time. The benefits of this include:

  • Maximise savings by storing electricity locally
  • Come off-grid at times of high tarriff
  • Eliminate risk of network interruption
  • Integrate with on-site renewable generation
  • Full site UPS capability for up to 2 hours


How we work

The acclaimed project-led approach adopted by Powerstar ensures that the Powerstar team work closely with clients to understand business operations and requirements for each site to ensure maximum savings are achieved through power optimisation:

  • We offer an engineering focused, project led package, fully supported by our Powerstar team to ensure an engineering approach to power optimisation
  • Installations range from one-off installations to roll-out programmes
  • Liaise with clients throughout the project to ensure power optimisation installations occur in-line with business demands
  • Minimum savings are guaranteed as a percentage of kWh, as per our proposal



    October 2016: Powering energy savings in South Africa

      Powerstar South Africa, a distributor for market leading energy storage and voltage optimisation brand Powerstar, is currently saving Pick n Pay, South Africa’s second largest supermarket chain store on average over 8% in electricity costs across two of its stores. The company, which is enjoying its largest period of growth since entering the market