Energy Storage

StorageAt present, the vast majority of commercial buildings rely on national grids to provide electricity, demand for this electricity is currently high, yet it is expected to grow further, with over 60% increases in demand predicted by 2030.

The increase in demand requires the electricity grids to develop and expand the grid networks, with more cabling and pylons to support usage, a cost which is ultimately passed onto electricity users bills. The increase in demand also leads to greater unreliability of supply as users add to the strain of the networks.

These problems, coupled with the volatile nature of renewable generation sources, which are now being commonly utilised– solar and wind for example generate little amounts of power if the sun doesn’t shine or wind doesn’t blow – highlights the need for flexibility and greater control of electricity usage.

Virtue energy storage

Virtue is an energy storage system which allows for greater control and flexibility of electricity usage, enabling energy stored during periods of low demand to be utilised when required. It is the latest award-winning solution from leading energy storage and voltage optimisation brand Powerstar. Users can switch to the stored supply at any time to reduce costs and ensure they will always have optimal power.

In essence, the savings achieved from the voltage optimisation system are diverted into the energy storage system to be used at a time most beneficial to the electricity user.

Energy storage and renewable generation

Virtue can be integrated with on-site renewable energy generation to combine the energy saved from the voltage optimisation system with that generated from the renewable energy source. As a result, users can switch to the stored supply at any time they wish, as well as ensuring a constant and reliable energy supply.

Energy storage and virtual power stations

Due to the exceptionally easy way in which the availability of power can be predicted, Virtue, can in effect, act as a Virtual Power Station (VPS). With this capability, users are able to use stored energy during times of high peak tariffs, whilst participating in national grid led initiatives like FDR, STOR and EDR in the UK, or other initiative schemes present in most countries throughout the world.





    October 2016: Powering energy savings in South Africa

      Powerstar South Africa, a distributor for market leading energy storage and voltage optimisation brand Powerstar, is currently saving Pick n Pay, South Africa’s second largest supermarket chain store on average over 8% in electricity costs across two of its stores. The company, which is enjoying its largest period of growth since entering the market