Savings on LED’s and VSD’s

Savings on LED lights

Controlled tests were carried out by the University of Melbourne into savings achievable on LED lights from voltage optimisation. The video highlights that by using a Powerstar voltage optimisation system to drop the voltage from from 244V to 224V a saving of 8.3% was achieved on the LED lighting used by the University of Melbourne.

Watch the video below to see the savings on LED’s made at the University of Melbourne

Savings on variable speed drives (VSD)

The video demonstration below conducted in the Powerstar demo and testing area shows typical savings on a variable speed drive running at 30Hz, 40Hz and 50Hz frequencies

Watch the video below to see how Powerstar makes savings on VSD/VFD loads

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    October 2016: Powering energy savings in South Africa

      Powerstar South Africa, a distributor for market leading energy storage and voltage optimisation brand Powerstar, is currently saving Pick n Pay, South Africa’s second largest supermarket chain store on average over 8% in electricity costs across two of its stores. The company, which is enjoying its largest period of growth since entering the market