Virtual Power Stations

Virtual Power Stations or Virtual Power Plants (VPS/VPP) can be described as an ‘internet of energy’,
tapping existing grid networks to tailor electricity supply and demand services.

VPS’s/VPP’s maximise value for both the end user and the distribution utility by using a sophisticated set of software based systems.

They are dynamic, deliver value in real time and can react quickly to ever changing customer loads.
Virtual Power Stations can also match load fluctuations through forecasting, advance metering and computerised control, as well as performing real-time optimisation of energy sources.

Becoming a Virtual Powerstar Station through Virtue

By allowing a site to act as a Virtual Power Station / Virtual Power Plant, Virtue enables the provision of system services in the transmission network, e.g. allowing control power in the so-called minute reserve range, to be organised by combining emergency generating units or electrical end use equipment.

The VPS/VPP aggregates the electrical output from a multitude of plants and makes this supply available to the transmission system operator. If requested, the Virtual Power Station controls the immediate dispatch of the connected plants, thus contributing to grid stability.

With increasing amount of renewable generation on the grid and the continuing rise in demand for distributed energy, having the ability to act as a Virtual Power Station to ensure balanced loads, smooth variability of supply, and integration of diverse energy generation resources into the supply is a significant benefit for electricity users and electricity providers alike.


Virtue EV is a combined DC rapid/fast charger and energy storage system.
The solution has a 50kW rapid DC and 11kW fast AC charger and can be connected to a 16A grid supply.
It is able to deliver 106A DC rapid charge to EV cars.

The latest innovation from Powerstar, the Virtue EV system, has 80kWh of NMC batteries, a 50KW bi-directional Grid based Inverter with full UPS capabilities and a 6kW PV canopy providing some of the storage for the NMC batteries







    October 2016: Powering energy savings in South Africa

      Powerstar South Africa, a distributor for market leading energy storage and voltage optimisation brand Powerstar, is currently saving Pick n Pay, South Africa’s second largest supermarket chain store on average over 8% in electricity costs across two of its stores. The company, which is enjoying its largest period of growth since entering the market