Voltage Optimisation Proposal

Following on from our full site survey, Powerstar provide an in-depth voltage optimisation proposal. Each voltage optimisation proposal contains 9 different sections, providing clients with all the information we have gathered thus allowing them to make an informed decision.

The nine sections are as follows:

  • Voltage Profile and Site Usage – Data provided showing historical voltage data that has been voltage optimisation proposalgathered along with the sites’ voltage profile and highest daily maximum demand profile. (Example shown right is for a site in USA).
  • Reduced Savings Loads – There are certain loads where voltage optimisation will yield reduced or no savings. The site survey allows for all this information to be gathered and this information is provided showing where full, reduced or zero savings will be achieved with the percentage of the annual kWh usage allocated to each load.
  • Layout SketchInstallation & Site Photos – Photos and diagrams are provided to show where the access route for the unit will be and it’s proposed location on the site. (Example layout sketch shown right).
  • Calculation & Savings Summary – The calculation and savings summary section gives a full detailed breakdown of what savings per annum will be achieved (kWh, financial savings, carbon dioxide etc.), the total investment, payback period, return on investment and what unit would be installed.
  • Savings – The savings section shows the predicted payback period based on future energy prices (gathered from the Department of Energy and Climate) and based on the clients p/kWh rate shows the payback period for these two areas.
  • Rental & Leasing – Provides all the information on rental and leasing options from Powerstar.
  • Executive Summary – Summary of overall savings and investment.
  • How We Verify Your Savings – This sections gives in-depth information about how the full savings report would be produced following post installation, providing the client with options for this.
  • Specification and Prices – The final section of the Voltage Optimisation Proposal gives a full breakdown of the costs (unit price and installation) and details of the proposed unit.





    October 2016: Powering energy savings in South Africa

      Powerstar South Africa, a distributor for market leading energy storage and voltage optimisation brand Powerstar, is currently saving Pick n Pay, South Africa’s second largest supermarket chain store on average over 8% in electricity costs across two of its stores. The company, which is enjoying its largest period of growth since entering the market