Storage Simplified: What the October 2017 Ofgem change to transmission charging means for behind-the-meter (BtM) energy storage customers

What effects will Ofgem's proposals have
Earlier this year, on 22 June, a legal challenge to Ofgem’s proposals over cuts to embedded benefits was quashed, which made news across the industry and sparked concern for investors and customers alike. The proposals from Ofgem centred around cutting the Triad payments that are made to smaller electricity generators...
Energy Storage/ September 24, 2018

Powerstar roundup issue 53

Alex Mardapittas, Powerstar
Welcome to the latest roundup of Powerstar news, keeping you up to date with the latest activities, news, and events. 1) The key to the business case In his interview with the Energyst, Powerstar’s CEO, Dr. Alex Mardapittas, explained how energy resilience underpins the business case for energy storage...
Powerstar Roundup/ September 21, 2018

Transforming energy efficiency

In recent years there has been an increased focus on sustainability nationwide as the UK Government looks to achieve its environmental commitments such as reducing carbon emissions by 80% based on 1990 levels by 2050 and contributing towards limiting the global increase in temperature to less than 2 degrees...
September 5, 2018

Powerstar roundup issue 52

Welcome to the latest roundup of Powerstar news, keeping you up to date with the latest activities, news, and events. 1) Connecting distribution transformers to the future As the importance of connectivity and visibility of assets has grown in response to the development of technology and Industry 4.0, distribution...
Powerstar Roundup/ August 31, 2018

Visibility of assets: turn oversight into insights

In recent years, emphasis has grown for the systems and equipment of businesses to offer complete connectivity, as technology has developed to allow this to be a possibility and has revolutionised the way in which businesses manage the performance of their assets. Until recently, distribution transformers had been passed...
August 22, 2018

An Integrated Approach – Energy Storage Webinar on Demand

VIRTUE: An Integrated Approach
On 21 August 2018, Ricky Higgins, Powerstar’s Proposals and Tendering Manager, explored a variety of ways in which energy storage can be integrated with existing energy efficiency and smart technologies to optimise security of supply, energy efficiency, energy savings, and the benefits of demand side response. During the webinar,...
August 21, 2018

Powerstar roundup issue 51

Powerstar VIRTUE model
Welcome to the roundup of Powerstar news, keeping you up to date with the latest activities, news, and events. 1) Future-proof your business with STaaS® At a time when the benefits of energy storage become more well-known alongside the heightened focus on sustainability, it is critical that energy storage...
Powerstar Roundup/ August 17, 2018

How to stop cutting leisure short (Industry Insights)

Leisure industry failures
Recently, there has been an increase in high profile incidents of energy-related failures throughout the leisure industry, something which could be set to continue if companies do not take steps to protect against it as the energy landscape evolves. The current energy network is experiencing fluctuations between supply and...
Industry Insight/ August 10, 2018
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