The Surging Energy Storage Market

VIRTUE at night
As 2018 gets underway, it is clear that the energy storage industry is achieving significant growth worldwide, as nations switch to cleaner energy in an attempt to decarbonise, expertise and knowledge are two defining factors for success in the market. In an evolving UK marketplace, the leaders are those who...
February 13, 2018

Powerstar Roundup January 2018

Robert Macklin
Welcome to the first Powerstar roundup of 2018 news, keeping you up to date with the latest company and industry news. 1) Understanding capital equipment ‘as a service’ Capital equipment is essential to the success of many businesses and integral to how they operate on a daily basis. However,...
February 9, 2018

High Energy Users (LV) Voltage Optimisation Webinar

On 08 February 2018, Russ Pemberton, Powerstar Sales Manager, delivered a short and informative webinar, entitled ‘High Energy Users (LV): are you wasting money on excess voltage?’, to explore how businesses can reduce escalating energy costs and consumption, including combating issues of excessive voltage being supplied on the low voltage (LV) side...
February 8, 2018

Centrica championing energy storage at its head office

It was revealed last month that Centrica received planning permission to install multiple energy storage units on the grounds of its head office in Windsor. The project will see the implementation of two Powerstar VIRTUE energy storage solutions, with a combined capacity of 1MW installed on-site. Through utilising Powerstar VIRTUE...
Energy Storage/ February 2, 2018

Blockchain Technology: applications in energy storage (Industry Insights)

With the increasing prominence of cryptocurrencies, and the potentially transformative nature of them, many industries are beginning to notice the benefits of the technology that underpins their value, blockchain. As a market leading, innovative business, we have taken the time to explore what these emerging technologies are and what...
February 1, 2018

Capital Equipment as a Service: pay for value, not equipment

Robert Macklin, Chief Financial Officer at Powerstar, discusses the benefits of acquiring capital equipment ‘as a service’, a flexible funding option that allows businesses to utilise equipment essential to core operations without investing a significant portion of the business’ capex. The full article was published by Robert on LinkedIn...
January 31, 2018

Powerstar serves up additional savings for Cyprus foodstuff retailer

Our latest case study summary demonstrates Powerstar’s universal ability to deliver savings for high energy users across the world. Focussing on the popular foodstuff retailer in Cyprus, Foodsaver, the case study summarises the substantial savings achieved across a portfolio of sites. Foodsaver is a retail chain of food stores...
January 25, 2018

Clean Energy Breakthroughs in 2017 (Industry Insights)

Offshore wind
2017 was a landmark year in many cases for clean energy, with many milestones being reached and breakthroughs achieved. The year was hailed by many in the industry, leading to expectations for 2018 to continue to carry the momentum gathered towards the transition to a low-carbon economy to be...
January 16, 2018

Powerstar Roundup December 2017

Welcome to the December roundup of news from Powerstar, keeping you up to date with the latest company and industry news. 1) A LITE, leisurely video In October 2017, we published a case study covering a project for Tees Active Ltd’s site, Billingham Forum, a diverse leisure complex located...
January 12, 2018

2017 News Roundup

To mark the end of a fantastic year for Powerstar, below is a summary reflecting on what has made headlines for the Powerstar family in 2017. Scroll down to follow Powerstar’s journey through the past 12 months. March 2017 1) Powerstar undergoes testing at prestigious Dolan Center American Electric...
December 28, 2017
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