Welcome to the August roundup of news from Powerstar.

1) Patience is a VIRTUE: H2020 project update

Recently, we developed an exciting insight into the life-cycle of the H2020 project. We’ve released a short project update accompanied by a short time-lapse video of the VIRTUE energy storage system being installed on site at a high energy users site in London.

As this is a significant project for both us and the retailer involved, we are proud to share the installation of the VIRTUE energy storage solution and footage of the system being constructed at our manufacturing facility in Sheffield by the Powerstar team.

View the update and video here…

2) It’s a long road to 2040: how VIRTUE EV can help

In July 2017, the UK government announced that sales of new diesel and petrol vehicles will be banned from 2040 in an attempt to “tackle air pollution”.

Usage of electric vehicles (EVs) in the UK is rising; in 2013 only 3,500 of the newly registered cars in the UK were plug-in full electric or hybrid EVs, whereas in 2017, the number is greater than 63,000.

It is also worth addressing the fact that whilst statistics are showing an increase in the number of EVs on British roads, they are not necessarily reflecting how well the National Grid has coped with the increase in demand.

Read the full article here… 

3) What is variable voltage optimisation?

On 22 August 2017, Russ Pemberton, Powerstar Sales Manager, delivered a short and informative webinar that provided an insight into low voltage (LV) optimisation.

The session focused on the benefits of variable, or ‘ electronic-dynamic’, voltage optimisation as a solution to reduce energy consumption levels and provide a constant output, even to unstable profiles, all underpinned by real-life applications and verified savings.

Watch the webinar on-demand here…

4) Electric vehicle (EV) market overview update

As new data is regularly made available for the electric vehicle (EV) market, we believe that it is of great importance for us to be aware of the general trends across the market to support our continued investment in a low-carbon economy and VIRTUE EV.

The overview explores the sustained and dramatic growth of the market with particular focus on rapid chargers.


Read the full report here…

5) Powerstar HV MAX case study video

Over the summer, we produced a case study for Paragon Quality Foods Ltd, one of the largest suppliers of quality burgers and kebabs to the food service industry and fast food sectors in the UK.

They installed a Powerstar HV MAX system to improve the company’s efficiency and ensure the most competitive prices could be offered to its customers.

To showcase the results of the installation, we have created a short video highlighting the benefits provided by the Powerstar HV MAX system.

Take a look at the video here…


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