VIRTUE Energy storage solutions

As a company, we aim to provide our customers and partners with the most up to date information which is why we regularly review our company literature.

With this in mind, we are excited to share with you our updated VIRTUE energy storage solutions brochure that contains updated information on our product and the environment in which we operate.

This version includes the wider energy market and the limitations it is currently experiencing in addition to the changes that are necessary to transition to the required low carbon economy of the future.

The brochure also focusses on how VIRTUE, as a bespoke solution, can provide individual clients with solutions based on their unique priorities and challenges. It highlights how the full Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) capabilities work and amplifies its importance in providing energy resilience to businesses which are facing increasing supply issues from the current, centralised National Grid system.

Following this, it explains how Powerstar VIRTUE can contribute to the transition into a decentralised network and be used to save money by reducing network charges, complete with current and forecasted DUoS and Triad costs.

It also covers product information including the additional associated benefits of VIRTUE energy storage solutions, including the ability to partake in Demand Side Response (DSR), a glance inside built systems and a breakdown of the avoidable energy costs that businesses face.

The brochure also illustrates the effects that VIRTUE can have on a sites electricity profile, both with and without integrated renewables before explaining the concept-to-completion approach that underpins all of Powerstar’s operations. Finally, the brochure outlines the flexible funding options that can be used as a way to implement VIRTUE without any capital outlay.

The updated brochure can be accessed from our resource centre or brochures page. Alternatively, you can request a brochure directly by emailing [email protected]

Please note: our combined Electric Vehicle (EV) charging and energy storage solution, VIRTUE EV is not covered in this brochure, instead you can access the dedicated VIRTUE EV brochure by clicking here.

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