Welcome to the weekly Powerstar roundup of news, events and celebrations.

1) Transmission Constraint Solutions Seminar

The next Powerstar seminar on the events calendar is due to take place on 4th August from 8:30am at the Powerstar head office in Sheffield. With demand for electricity continually growing, the traditional energy network is struggling to keep up, causing a multitude of problems for businesses including increasing energy costs and frequent power failures.

This seminar will explore how transmission constraints can be managed with Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) solutions. Reserve a place here…

2) Experiencing Powerstar

We recently welcomed William, a year 10 student, to our Sheffield based manufacturing facility for two weeks as part of his work experience.

Currently a student at Ecclesfield School, William has a keen interest in engineering and would welcome the opportunity to pursue a career in the industry. This made his time as Powerstar an ideal opportunity for him to gain some experience and learn what the operations within a local manufacturing facility entailed. Read more here…

3) The Latest VIRTUE Energy Storage Solution Installation

Powerstar’s latest VIRTUE energy storage system left the Powerstar head office following comprehensive testing last week.

The system arrived on site at a major retailer in London and the Powerstar installation team and project manager will spend several days ensuring the system is properly installed and tested.

Meanwhile, back at head office, another bespoke, large VIRTUE energy storage system is currently in the process of being designed ahead of its construction over the summer. Learn more about Powerstar’s VIRTUE…


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