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1) Solon Mardapittas presents VIRTUE EV

On Thursday 13th July, Solon Mardapittas, Lead Project Scientist for VIRTUE, delivered a presentation to British Parking Association (BPA) members in Wales.

The presentation covered the limitations that are restricting mass adoption of electrical vehicles (EV) in the UK. Exploring the current electricity infrastructure and lengthy charge times combined with range anxiety and large costs associated with EV, Solon provided a thoughtful insight into how energy storage solutions with integrated EV rapid charging and solar panels could help to alleviate the pressure on the grid and aid further adoption.

The presentation formed part of an event discussing key topics around Parking and Transport for businesses operating in Wales. Read more about VIRTUE EV here…

2) Say ‘aloha’ to Powerstar USA

During a busy summer, President of Powerstar USA, Sean O’Reilly (right) spent a few days in Hawaii last week promoting the full range of Powerstar voltage optimisation solutions at the Hawaii Lodging, Hospitality & Foodservice Expo.

Joined by a number of his approved Powerstar representatives from across all of America, including Dave Stewart (left) from Washington State, Sean seized the opportunity to showcase the Powerstar range of solutions to a teeming number of delegates attending the well-established event, now in its 23rd year. View all upcoming Powerstar events here…

3) Keep your business flying high

In a recent blog post, Dr Alex Mardapittas, inventor of the VIRTUE energy storage solution and Managing Director of Powerstar, emphasises how electricity supply issues have become an increasingly common problem within the UK electricity network.

Recent power failures at multiple airports highlight the dangers of unprotected supplies in a world reliant on technology. Read the full article here…


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