If a company is experiencing high levels of incoming voltage with a stable voltage profile, a Powerstar LITE voltage optimisation system could present the most effective solution for voltage management on their site.

LV Side Voltage Optimisation

Powerstar LITE offers a ‘fixed’ voltage optimisation solution. Voltage will be reduced by a set-amount from a predefined tap range, matching the incoming voltage profile, albeit by a reduced set amount.

For example, if a company was experiencing voltage between 230V-235V, and this was reduced by 15V, the incoming voltage would then operate between 215V-220V.

The Powerstar LITE system can be manufactured from 100Amp (for small commercial systems) up to 3MVA systems for large commercial premises, thus providing a viable voltage management solution for a range of businesses.

An example of voltage management through Powerstar LITE is visualised on the chart (below) with the blue line representing a fixed reduction in the supply voltage.

Sites with unstable or fluctuating voltage, however, would benefit from electronic variable voltage optimisation system provided by Powerstar MAX, which will stabilise the supply voltage to reduce fluctuation (as represented by the amber line in the chart).

Is Powerstar LITE Right for My Business?

Powerstar LITE is ideal for companies with the following profile:

  • Operates a low voltage (LV) supply only
  • Has a high level of incoming voltage
  • Has a stable voltage profile

Powerstar LITE systems have provided significant savings for manufacturing and industrial sites, education facilities, office buildings and retail outlets.

If voltage management through Powerstar LITE does not fit your requirements then our electronic-dynamic optimisation system, Powerstar MAX may represent a more suitable solution. If your company operates its own HV/LV distribution transformer then optimising voltage at the HV side through Powerstar HV MAX may represent a more effective voltage management approach.




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