Date: 08/11/2017
Time: 10:00 am – 11:00 am


This short session aims to provide attendees with an insight into how energy storage is set to play an increasingly vital role in contributing to the UK’s energy goals, in addition to how it could be key in revolutionising the personal transport habits of the nation as the UK progresses towards much greater use of electric vehicles (EV).


This webinar is designed to be interesting and useful to people that want to discover the exciting opportunities that energy storage can deliver and how the future of road vehicles in the UK needs to be intertwined with energy storage to make it a viable, sustainable solution.

The reality of a connected, intelligent EV charging solution which can be powered off-grid by an energy storage system has become a hot topic due to the recent announcement of the UK government’s plans for the banning of new petrol and diesel vehicle sales from 2040. The actualization of this plan, and what is required for it to be a success will be discussed during this event.

In order to move forward, first, the current situation must be assessed including the limitations of the current electricity infrastructure and the constraints on the EV market including range anxiety, charging time and cost. A reflection on the growth of the EV market in recent years will highlight the importance of solutions which can not only provide an acceptable level of convenience for EV drivers but also aid the ageing energy infrastructure in the UK.

Delegates will be introduced to an example of a fully integrated energy storage and rapid EV charging solution which has the ability to provide benefits above and beyond the viability of EV in the UK.

Speaker Profile

Dr. Alex Mardapittas, CEO, Powerstar

Alex established Powerstar in 2001, and has spearheaded the engineering-led company for the past 16 years.

As an experienced Chartered Engineer, with a research doctorate, Alex possesses extensive knowledge of software programming and innovative engineering design, enabling him to create award winning energy management solutions.

Alex utilises his expert knowledge within the current and future energy landscapes, including his extensive knowledge of the constraints to constantly innovate. This knowledge of the current UK energy landscape and its limitations enables him to discuss predictions for its future.

Why Attend?

Explore the current limitations of the energy network and the constraints placed on the EV market

Learn about the future of the grid in a low carbon economy

Discover the latest systems that can provide a viable solution to the constricted EV market

Learn about how the government’s 2040 plan can be achieved with the support of innovation

Understand the benefits that a bespoke engineered energy storage and EV charging solution can provide to a business above and beyond viable vehicle charging

A unique opportunity to ask questions to an industry expert

Delegates in attendance can also request a copy of the recording and presentation slides


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