Date: 11/07/2017
Time: 11:00 am – 12:00 pm

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The third in our four-part energy storage webinar series aiming to educate audiences on the additional elements that weigh into the decision of investing into energy storage solutions.

This short and sharp session will explore how Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) can play a crucial part in securing the supply and protecting your site from costly power failures.

About the Event

Many public and private sector organisations are having to manage critical power supplies with technology that can provide a full UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) functionality, due to the increasing number of brownouts and blackouts the electricity network is experiencing.

A modern solution that is already saving energy and improving UPS for many businesses is battery-based energy storage technology. As the name suggests the systems can store energy from either the National Grid, at times of low demand, or directly from renewable sources in batteries, for use at peak times or when required.

Attending this webinar will provide an account of the current constraints and restrictions on the electricity network and the increasingly unstable supply provided across the UK. It will discuss the various solutions including traditional systems that are failing to keep up in an advancing world of connectivity and interactivity and the more advanced solutions that can support a smart energy network.

It will cover the following aspects:

  • What is UPS and why is it needed?
  • Traditional systems for providing UPS and their limitations
  • Battery-based energy storage as a rapidly responsive solution
  • Future proof UPS – scaling to future demand
  • The ‘green’ benefits of UPS

During this webinar guests will be introduced to the revolutionary energy storage system, VIRTUE, which allows businesses to store electricity generated during periods of low demand for use when required and offers a secure supply throughout power loss.

Speaker Profile

TBA June 9th

Sessions One & Two Highlights

Session One:
This session focused on ‘Energy Storage & the Future of Energy’ and covered energy cost savings, enhanced returns on solar and wind and increased access to electric vehicle charging.

Key topics included:

  • Learning about the future of the grid, Smart Cities and micro-grids
  • Discovering how VIRTUE’s renewable integrations capabilities can offer enhanced returns on solar and wind
  • Identifying how VIRTUE can complement existing energy saving initiatives already installed
  • Exploring the Electric Vehicles (EV) market and how it has grown over the past 5 years

Session Two:
This short focsed on ‘Demand Side Response (DSR)’ and how it is set to play an increasingly vital role in contributing to the UK’s energy goals and how your business can benefit from partaking in the scheme.

Key topics included:

  • What is Demand Side Response (DSR)
  • Why does National Grid require DSR?
  • The increasing role of battery storage within DSR
  • How energy storage systems can prioritise DSR
  • Addressing the supply concerns of DSR
  • Business incentives and benefits of providing DSR
  • DSR as part of a wider solution


Powering the technology of tomorrow: Powerstar supports Knowledge Transfer Partnership

Powerstar, the market leading voltage optimisation and energy storage brand, is currently involved in a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) in collaboration with Sheffield Hallam University and Innovate UK. Sheffield Hallam University ‘control and power electronics’ PhD graduate and Powerstar employee Dr. Zeng is at the forefront of developing a portable solar power PV inverter system...