Date: 19/10/2017
Time: 10:00 am – 10:45 am


This webinar took place on Thursday 19th October, and the on-demand recording can be accessed by clicking here.


This short and informative webinar aims to provide attendees with an insight into HV MAX, focusing on the benefits of combining a super low loss amorphous core with integrated variable voltage reduction as a solution to reduce energy consumption levels and save on electricity costs.


Aimed at highlighting site profiles that could benefit from the implementation of HV MAX systems in addition to providing real life applications, delegates can expect an informative and engaging session hosted by an industry expert.

Powerstar HV MAX corrects issues caused at source by the HV infrastructure. Upgrading to a super low loss transformer with an amorphous core such as the HV MAX ensures a much more efficient and therefore closer to the optimum process.

In addition to this HV MAX creates savings on the LV side. This is due to the electronic dynamic voltage optimisation solution which reduces energy levels to provide a constant output. Also as a result of its patented design, increased savings are gained through negative power (back EMF).

Speaker Profile

Russ Pemberton, Powerstar Sales Manager

Russ has a wealth of experience having worked in the energy industry for many years.

He has a working knowledge of all business sectors and has been at Powerstar for over 4 years, during which time he has facilitated installations of voltage optimisation systems into a plethora of sectors including manufacturing, retail and leisure all delivered through a bespoke, concept to completion approach.

Why Attend?

Understand the efficiences to be gained from a super low loss amorphous transformer

Receive insight into the Powerstar HV MAX patented design and the additional savings achieved through negative power (back EMF)

Learn how and where a combined solution for HV and LV can best utilised

Question and engage in conversation with an industry expert from anywhere with an internet connection

Delegates in attendance can also request a copy of the recording and presentation slides



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