VIRTUE Energy Storage Solutions Brochure

VIRTUE brochure cover
As a company, we aim to provide our customers and partners with the most up to date information which is why we regularly review our company literature. With this in mind, we are excited to share with you our updated VIRTUE energy storage solutions brochure that contains updated information on our...
Energy Storage/ November 23, 2017

Centrica championing energy storage at its head office

It was revealed last month that Centrica received planning permission to install multiple energy storage units on the grounds of its head office in Windsor. The project will see the implementation of two Powerstar VIRTUE energy storage solutions, with a combined capacity of 1MW installed on-site. Through utilising Powerstar VIRTUE...
Energy Storage/ February 2, 2018

Powerstar VIRTUE Operational Stability Webinar Recording

Operational Stability
On 24 April, 2018, Powerstar CEO, Dr. Alex Mardapittas, delivered a webinar that explored how, in our 21st century world, operational stability is becoming increasingly crucial as organisations have more and more critical processes due to the rise of big data and increased customer expectations, meaning intense operations exist...
Energy Storage/ April 24, 2018

Manufacturing resilience in Lincoln

Behind-the-Meter market leader Powerstar VIRTUE
In April 2018, our most recent Powerstar VIRTUE energy storage solution was successfully installed into NMB Minebea UK, a world leader in the design and manufacture of bearing technologies, where it will provide a multitude of benefits. Throughout March and April, the 1MW/1MWh battery energy storage solution (BESS) was manufactured, fully...
Energy Storage/ May 8, 2018

Uninterruptible Power Supply – Storage Simplified

UPS - Powerstar VIRTUE
Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is a capability which provides backup power to the primary electrical system so that there is minimal disruption to the functionality of the electrical system, consequently providing organisations with the confidence that their operations will continue as normal in the event of an energy-related failure....
Energy Storage/ June 20, 2018