To stay abreast of the latest green technology news and keep your finger on the pulse of what the media is discussing in relation to green technology, sustainability and the energy landscape browse through the selection of press clippings, media articles and news posts from Powerstar which features published media coverage of Virtue energy storage solutions and the Powerstar voltage optimisation technologies alongside the latest green technology news.

Engineering Electrical Supply

Title: Engineering Electrical Supply Date: June 2017 Publication: Electrical Contracting News – ( Summary: Dr. Alex Mardapittas, managing director of Powerstar, discusses the importance of technologies that offer multiple benefits as a way to future proof energy efficiency investments. Find out more about energy storage
June 19, 2017

Optimising Voltage in the Hotel Sector

Title: Optimising Voltage in the Hotel Sector Date: May 2017 Publication: Modern Building Services – ( Summary: Hotels represent an ideal application for voltage optimisation technology as they suffer from inflated energy costs and long operating hours. Stuart Clegg, Commercial Director of Powerstar, explains how voltage optimisation has allowed...
May 10, 2017

Public Sector’s Transition to a Low Carbon Economy

Title: Public Sector’s Transition to a Low Carbon Economy Date: April 2017 Publication: Public Sector Building Journal – ( Summary: Robert Hughes, business development director for the VIRTUE energy storage solution, explains how integrating energy storage into a smart flexible energy system can benefit public sector organisations, driving the...
April 25, 2017

Transforming Infrastructure to Support a Low Carbon Economy

Title: Transforming Infrastructure to Support a Low Carbon Economy Date: April 2017 Publication: Yorkshire Business Insider – ( Summary: Infrastructure investment is a core theme in the Northern Powerhouse. How can it be developed to support the changes required as we move towards a low carbon economy? Powerstar’s Robert...
April 15, 2017

Driving a Community-Led Infrastructure

Title: Driving a Community-Led Infrastructure Date: April 2017 Publication: Public Sector Build Journal – ( Summary: As we move away from reliance on fossil fuels to more renewable energy infrastructure, technology is rapidly developing. Robert Hughes, Business Development Director Virtue, explains how energy storage technologies can assist in creating...
April 10, 2017

Storage and Tariffs

Title: Storage and Tariffs Date: March 2017 Publication: Power Engineering International – ( Summary: By harnessing the power of energy storage technology companies can save money and generate further income while preparing for future advancements in energy distribution. Dr Alex Mardapittas discusses growth in energy demand, energy tariffs and...
March 24, 2017

Taking Charge

Title: Taking Charge Date: February 2017 Publication: Shopping Centre – ( Summary: Shopping centres have offered electric vehicle charging points for several years, but battery powered storage systems are set to transform the market. Robert Hughes, Business Development Director for Virtue explains how energy storage can bring benefits to...
February 4, 2017

Store to Save

Title: Store to Save Date: February 2017 Publication: Electrical Engineering – ( Summary: To manage energy demand in the UK there are charges placed on businesses for consuming energy at periods of high demand throughout the day. Some may be unaware of these tariffs, which are added to standard...
February 2, 2017

Charging Up Electric Vehicles

Title: Charging Up Electric Vehicles Date: January 2017 Publication: Hospital Times – ( Summary: The government actively encourages public sector organisations to install EV charge points to support the drive to low emissions targets. An increasing number of electric vehicles connecting to the national grid will have a significant...
January 15, 2017