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‘Fit and forget’ technology offers major cuts in electricity use

technology cuts offers major cuts in electricity use
Appeared In: Energy In Buildings & Industry Buildings with their own transformers can now maximise energy savings thanks to new voltage optimisation technology which offers major cuts in electricity use. Increasingly recognised as an essential element of any buildings energy saving strategy, voltage optimisation systems provide savings at source by...
June 2, 2014

Why Yorkshire SME’s are ready to lead the recovery

why yorkshire sems are read to lead the recovery
Appeared In: Yorkshire Business Insider Magazine According to Insiders latest survey, 92% of Yorkshires SMEs expect growth this year. But what are Yorkshire’s manufacturing businesses really thinking? Dr Alex Mardapittas, designer of the Powerstar range of voltage optimisation systems, and managing director of EMSc (UK) Ltd, was invited along with...
June 2, 2014

Addressing the issue of wasted energy

addressing the issue of wasted energy
Appeared In: Education Design & Build Magazine Powerstar ticks all the boxes for educational facilities: Sustainability is a key factor for any organisation but as schools, colleges and universities face the challenges of meeting increased demand for places against a restrictive financial climate, there are many additional considerations for...
March 25, 2014