Voltage optimisation funding and leasing options with Powerstar

Voltage optimisation leasing packages from Powerstar offer customers a straightforward, alternative way of financing the installation of a Powerstar voltage optimisation system with no up-front costs, so that each installation is cash positive from the outset.

Our voltage optimisation leasing packages allow customers to use their working capital for their core activities whilst still enjoying all the benefits associated with Powerstar.


Lease rental payments are fixed, so budgeting is simple. Repayments can also be set below the savings achieved from the Powerstar installation, ensuring a positive cash flow from day one.

There are two voltage optimisation leasing options available through Powerstar, an Operating Lease or a Finance Lease.

Operating lease

Operating leases are available over a five year fixed term with significantly lower monthly payments and no
up-front costs. At the end of an operating lease the Powerstar voltage optimisation system will have a 20% residual balance.

An operating lease is a form of off balance sheet financing and therefore does not impact on a customers liquidity or debt capacity.

At the end of the 5 year lease period there are three options available to the customer:

  • Purchase the Powerstar voltage optimisation system at the residual value
  • Return the unit
  • Refinance the balance of the outstanding

Finance lease

A finance lease is different to an operating lease in that the term of the lease is flexible and at the end of the agreement the customer owns the Powerstar voltage optimisation system.

Payments for a finance lease are monthly and require no up-front payment from the customer.
Customers will benefit from savings immediately and a finance lease allows flexibility in payment plans with customers able to choose shorter payment plans with higher monthly payments or longer plans with lower payments to meet their budget requirements.


Customers can also choose the purchase Powerstar voltage optimisation systems outright from the outset.

In addition, funding packages are also available for a wide range of sustainability project, including voltage optimisation systems through the Carbon Trust, details of which can be found through the link below.



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