NP_PRIMARY_LOGO_BEIGE_CMYKnpower Business is the first energy company in the UK to offer pioneering money saving voltage optimisation technology to small and medium sized (SME) businesses, as
Powerstar is now one of the energy saving tools available to npower Business customers to help them save money and reduce energy consumption.

Most electricity is supplied at a higher voltage than sites require. The benefits of having a voltage optimisation unit installed are that by reducing the voltage coming in, to optimum levels, it helps to reduce electricity bills, extend the life of electrical equipment, and reduce carbon emissions.

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npower Business customers interested in more information on Powerstar voltage optimisation can also contact Powerstar’s dedicated npower Business customer information desk via email: [email protected]

What Powerstar offers npower Business customers

Powerstar is a proven and reliable solution, established as a market leader in voltage optimisation since 2001.
It’s unique and patented design offers a high-quality energy saving solution to npower Business customers.

All Powerstar systems are fully manufactured in Sheffield, UK, to the highest standards and come with guaranteed savings for customers – benefits that were of particular importance to npower Business when deciding to partner with Powerstar. npower Business was also impressed with the level of service and support that is provided by the Powerstar team, in addition, the knowledge and expertise that is offered to all its customers.

Npower benefits

Savings studies are available highlighting how npower Business energy champions and other SME’s in a range of industries have benefited from the installation of voltage optimisation systems.

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Exercising energy savings in Billingham

Powerstar, the market-leading energy storage and voltage optimisation brand, has saved Billingham Forum, a large leisure complex in Teesside operated and maintained by Tees Active Ltd., nearly 9% in annual electricity consumption after installing a Powerstar LITE voltage optimisation system. The company recently secured a contract to install multiple units across Tees Active Ltd.’s leisure...