Plastic company saving PowerstarOne of the country’s leading manufacturers in the plastics industry has ordered an 800 kVA Powerstar voltage optimisation unit that will deliver a 19% return on investment.

The unit will be located at its main Melbourne facility, which already has the latest environmental controls along with state of the art production equipment.

John Jacob, Project Manager from Mass Energy Australia, a national consultancy that makes buildings more energy efficient using a variety of energy saving technologies, was instrumental in the company choosing a Powerstar unit to reduce its energy consumption and carbon footprint.

“We have a solid, practical understanding of commercial and industrial buildings and public environments. This underpins our ability to design, supply and install the most suitable energy saving technologies for our clients,” said John.

“We’ve been following voltage optimisation for a couple of years and are happy to recommend Powerstar because they guarantee the savings the users will receive.

“After our energy audit at the plastics manufacturer, we submitted our recommendation and also suggested they could qualify for funding through Sustainability Victoria, which they subsequently applied for and received.”

When the unit is installed and commissioned in June/July, the company is expecting to achieve energy savings of around 7% per annum. This is excellent for a company that has already optimised its site for a reduced environmental footprint.



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