There are various options available for the Powerstar voltage optimisation systems both for the LV and HV products. Depending on the size and type of system installed these with either come as added extras or are integrated in to the design (see the table below for details).

Options table

The features available are listed below:

Circuit Protection

All Powerstar systems are protected in accordance with BS7671 (430.3) against overload and short circuit currents.

External Enclosure

If the space available in your switchroom is not suitable for your LV Powerstar installation we can provide an suitably rated external enclosure. Civil works can also be inluded.

HMI (Human Machine Interface)

GSM Alarm

Under Voltage Protection

Manual Bypass Switch

The bypass switch is available in 2 options:

Break Before Make and Make Before Break

Harmonic Mitigation Winding (HMW)

Energy Dashboard

For further information on any of the listed features please contact our technical team using the links below.




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