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Powerstar voltage optimisation, proudly made in Britain
  • Powerstar are a range of market leading voltage optimisation systems, with solutions for HV (High Voltage) and LV (Low Voltage) installations.
  • Powerstar, is uniquely designed, and is the only voltage optimisation system with a patented design
  • Powerstar Virtue, is an energy storage system which can be integrated with any Powerstar MAX or Powerstar HV MAX system to store energy locally for use at any time
  • Powerstar are established solutions, fully designed and manufactured in the UK
    since 2001, by EMSc (UK) Ltd

Powerstar voltage optimisation systems

Powerstar voltage optimisation systems are available in three variations, providing a solutions portfolio that ensure the correct engineering solution is adopted for each site to maximise savings and efficiency:

Powerstar HV MAX

  • Summary: Amorphous core HV/LV transformer with integrated voltage optimisation.
  • Benefits: Average electricity consumption savings of 17%.
  • For use in: Sites operating a (HV) supply with conventional transformer and high voltage.


  • Summary: Fixed voltage optimisation system. Provides a set level reduction across tap range.
  • Benefits: Average electricity consumption savings of 10%-12%.
  • For use in: Sites operating a LV supply with a high, yet stable incoming voltage profile.

Powerstar MAX

  • Summary: Electronic-Dynamic optimisation. Maintains voltage at a constant, stable level.
  • Benefits: Average electricity consumption savings of 12%-15%.
  • For use in: Sites operating a (LV) supply with a high and fluctuating voltage profile.

powerstar energy storage system

The Powerstar Virtue energy storage system can be integrated with any new or existing Powerstar MAX or Powerstar HV MAX installation. The solution harnesses the negative power feedback from Powerstar voltage optimisation technology to charge a storage medium. The electricity saved and stored from Powerstar to be diverted into a storage medium to be used at any time, including times of peak demand.

Powerstar Virtue

Virtue logo (low res)
  • Summary: Energy storage solution that is integrated with Powerstar MAX or HV MAX systems
  • Benefits: Savings from VO are stored in a storage medium for use when required to reduce electricity costs and increase supply stability. Energy generated from on-site renewables can also be integrated into the storage system to make renewable energy reliable
  • For use in: Large electricity consumers, national grids and demand side operators.


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