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Power resilience for a net zero world

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During the energy crisis, many schools reported increases in the cost of energy of almost 600%, resulting in them being forced into difficult decisions around cutting jobs, education materials or building works to make up the shortfall. A number of Education Trusts reported total energy costs of £1 million or more.

At the same time, Education faces the same pressures experienced elsewhere in terms of a need to demonstrate clear progress on sustainability and to ensure that their operations, and most importantly student safety, is not compromised by power disruption. Alongside rising costs, balancing all three elements of the energy trilemma is a complex challenge, one made more difficult by increasingly constrained budgets.

Solving Rising Energy Costs for Education

Put simply, the cheapest and greenest unit of energy is the one that you don’t use. With energy costs a growing concern for any organisation, better energy efficiency should be at the centre of any robust energy management strategy.

Improving energy efficiency is a holistic process, with small improvements across a site adding up to substantial savings. Powerstar’s patented voltage optimisation technology is one of the most cost-effective energy efficiency technologies available, conditioning and reducing incoming current to supply on-site equipment with optimal voltages and eliminating substantial wasted energy.

For a better picture of how much voltage optimisation could save your organisation, try out Powerstar’s Energy Efficiency Calculator.

Energy Savings Calculator

Find out how Much You Could Save

The cheapest and greenest energy is the energy you don’t use.

Are you worried about the ever-rising cost of electricity for your organisation? Find out how much money you could save by completing our 2-minute Energy Saving Calculator.

Grab a recent electricity bill, fill out a few details and within just a few minutes you will have a savings estimation.

Try our Energy Savings Calculator

Achieving Power Resilience in Education

Protecting education sites from the risk of power disruption is of growing importance, but can be challenging. The campus nature of many sites and the diverse range of ways that electricity is used means that it is difficult to identify the key areas that would be protected by a traditional UPS. Unlike for example a healthcare provider with key critical equipment, most education organisations have electrical equipment, digital infrastructure and data spread across a site that is all equally important and vulnerable to disruption.

Unlike most UPS, Powerstar’s battery energy storage systems provide site-wide protection from power disruption, rather than just protecting critical infrastructure. At the same time, a BESS can be used in a variety of ways to more intelligently use and manage electricity on site, improving efficiency, reducing costs or even generating additional revenue.

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