Our Multi Asset Programme (MAP) is designed to offer additional flexibility to companies who operate multiple sites that are in need of energy management or require multiple solutions.MAP Programme
Multi Asset Programme Package

The need for multiple site energy management is growing as the energy landscape evolves and as advancements occur within the industry – prompting the need for technologies to be updated and renewed more often, which must be achieved in an affordable way.

Thus the advent of a multi site energy management package – such as Powerstar’s MAP. The increasing popularity of these programmes is driven by consumers who demand flexibility and are motivated to implement energy efficiencies and savings on a large scale as corporate social responsibilities are pushed to the forefront of business operations.

Powerstar has the ability to provide a bespoke range of options to best suit an individual business’s needs.

Whether you’re expanding, upgrading or simply in need of lifecycle management, contact one of our specialists to discuss the potential opportunities for your business.


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