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Power resilience for a net zero world

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Finding the funds for a major change to energy infrastructure can be challenging. The competition for capital is high, resulting in many organisations looking for alternative finance solutions.

A range of different funding options are available for technology projects. This may include approaching your existing banking facilities. Alternatively, we can work with existing funders who are familiar with these styles of arrangements.

Funding for your technology solution can be secured through a variety of ways, including:

  • Corporate Power Purchase Agreements (CPPA) – A long-term agreement for the customer to buy or sell power at a pre-agreed rate for the term of the loan
  • Energy Service Company (ESCO) – Generally a venture capital-financed solution, who fund the design and build of the asset then own the asset for a set term. Effectively, they lease space on your site, with your organisation becoming the landlord in return for shared benefits from the technology
  • Leased Finance – Technology that is deployed immediately but paid for over an extended period of time via a hire-purchase agreement
  • Share of savings – Similar to the ESCO solution, a share of savings agreement for a set term with either the technology manufacturer or a funding partner. Ideal for energy efficiency projects where savings are the primary objective

Additionally, you can purchase your chosen solution outright using existing banking facilities. This will be influenced by your existing trading circumstances.

Each of the above solutions require detailed evaluation, due diligence and contracts to be put in place. With extensive experience of these types of projects, Powerstar can ensure that you are supported with the best advice possible to find the funding solution that is right for you.

Powerstar’s unique ability to perform modelling and simulation ensures that you can provide evidence to your investor of both the feasibility and the performance of the system prior to purchase.

Online monitoring of in-service equipment, providing live data on performance, efficiency and up-time are invaluable for reassuring investors of the value of their asset.

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