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Power resilience for a net zero world

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Servicing & Maintenance

Powerstar offers full support for the servicing and maintenance of all of our hardware and software, and some third-party technologies.

Annual preventative maintenance of all equipment is highly beneficial to ensure that critical equipment does not suffer any disruption or unplanned downtime.

Preventative Maintenance

Powerstar provide service and maintenance of all equipment, either under annual contract or as a one-off service to ensure that peak performance is maintained year after year.

With no moving parts, equipment has an exceptionally low failure rate. However, regular maintenance is recommended to ensure that savings are being maximised and that the optimum equipment is still being used on your site.

Online Monitoring

All of Powerstar technologies can be monitored remotely, providing comprehensive performance data, including:

  • Data to prove performance and savings of the equipment
  • Instant notification of errors and outages
  • Monitoring over time to flag need for preventative maintenance and performance improvements


Powerstar equipment is fully warranted for 15 years from installation. With no moving parts, the Voltage Optimisation technology should have a working product lifespan of 50 years.

Battery energy storage systems require annual maintenance and continuous monitoring to ensure they are achieving the required performance standards. Beyond the 15-year warranty time frame if performance is no longer sufficient, they can be reconditioned to extend lifespan.

The Powerstar guarantee

Powerstar Voltage Optimisation systems are covered by our comprehensive guarantee. The anticipated financial savings specific to your site that will be gained from installing the voltage regulation system are guaranteed by Powerstar.

If they are not achieved during the payback period of the equipment then Powerstar will reimburse the difference… the equipment is guaranteed to save you money on your electricity bills!

Transformer Maintenance, Refurbishment and repair

We offer a wide range of services to support and help to overcome your transformer challenges. With full-service solutions including Maintenance, repair, refurbishment and rewinding services as well as an annual inspection program.

We provide ongoing services to ensure everyone gets the most out of their energy solutions.

Transformer Maintenance, Servicing and Repair

Contact our support team to arrange a service of your Powerstar or third-party equipment

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