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Power resilience for a net zero world

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Power Transformers play a critical role in the energy infrastructure of the UK as a whole, as well as that of many individual organisations.

What is a Transformer? and what are Transformers used for?

A transformer is an electrical device which is designed to convert the alternating current from one voltage to another. Electrical transformers are often used to “step-up”, or “step-down” the voltages to the required levels.By allowing electricity to be transferred from one circuit to another at changing voltage levels, electrical transformers improve the safety and efficiency of power systems across a wide range of applications. Electric Power transformers are solid-state devices which should insure a long operating lifespan.

However, the UK’s extensive transformer fleet is facing a looming potential resilience crisis. Over 70% of electrical transformers in the UK have been in operation for 25 years or more, with these lengthy average lifespans increasingly exceeding intended design-life. This has seen demonstrable growth in the need for transformer maintenance and refurbishment. For organisations embracing a robust power resilience strategy, it is vital that aging transformers do not become a point of failure.

How Overhauling Your electrical Transformer Fleet Can Help

The efficiency of a power transformer can vary considerably based on factors such as age, size, design, and usage. Modern large transformers can achieve impressive energy efficiencies of up to 99.75%. However, smaller or ageing models may experience lower efficiencies, ranging from 90% down to 85%. These efficiency variations become significant and costly, especially when operating transformers at high loads.

The extensive age of much of the UK’s power transformer fleet means that in many cases, there is ample potential for aging hardware to be replaced by newer, more advanced, energy-efficient models. This brings with it a range of benefits, including greater reliability, lower maintenance requirements and significantly reduced losses.

Similarly, our high-efficiency, low-loss transformers can significantly reduce overall power consumption, helping to reduce both energy costs and carbon footprint. Voltage management & optimisation technologies incorporated into some modern transformers offers further improvements in energy efficiency and lower costs.


As technology advances, newer energy-efficient power transformers are ready to support the transition to Industry 4.0, defined as the next phase of digitisation in the manufacturing sector. Remote monitoring of electricity transformers allows 24/7 visibility of their performance and health, significantly improving power resilience and efficiency.

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Implementing New Low-loss Transformer Technology


An upgrade to an aging transformer fleet offers enhanced power resilience, lower costs and greater energy efficiency. As well as significantly reducing the risk of your transformer becoming a point of failure, it also offers the ability to protect sensitive equipment and machinery from fluctuations in grid power.

Powerstar offers a wide range of distribution transformers, as well as custom pieces to fit your exact specifications. Amorphous Core technology has been widely researched and findings show that Amorphous Core transformers provide a super low core loss alternative to conventional cold rolled grain orientated steel (CRGO) transformers. This newer technology provides higher efficiencies, longevity and low magnetizing current. Due to the atomic structure and thickness of the

Amorphous Core metal material, up to 80% of the losses experienced by conventional transformers are avoided. It is the random pattern of the amorphous atom that allows for lower resistance to magnetization cycles and delivers lower core losses. This high level of efficiency delivers substantial savings in operating costs and thousands of kg of savings in CO2 annually.

But Aren’t Amorphous Core Transformers More Expensive?


Whilst conventional transformers are initially cheaper than Amorphous Core transformers, they consume their initial purchase cost in wasted energy approximately every 9 months (based on the industry standard of 5% losses). Therefore, over a period of 15 years, traditional transformers will consume 20 times their purchase price in energy losses and emit in excess of 73,000kg of CO2.

In contrast each of Powerstar’s Amorphous Core transformers will only consume between £200 and £300 of energy per year as their losses are less than 1%, taking more than 20 years to consume their initial cost in energy, and saving more than 78,000kg CO2 in this period. (Figures for a 90 kVA system, assuming an average load of 40 kW/h)

The amorphous core transformer advantage


Powerstar amorphous metal core distribution transformers contribute to improving site resilience and can assist in protecting against issues in the grid supply voltage, such as fluctuations. It allows for HV infrastructure upgrades to be carried out in a cost-effective way with minimal disruption to operations, a big advantage for many commercial sites.

Distribution transformers are critical infrastructure for many companies, yet they are not connected and online. Therefore, their health, performance, and efficiency are typically unknown or reliant upon manual inspections of antiquated gauges/meters.

Our smart distribution transformers and their benefits are explained in the animated video. This video explains how they change the landscape for distribution transformers through its amorphous core, manufactured right here in the UK. Additionally, the video explains how the online remote monitoring capabilities ensure that it is Industry 4.0 ready. Furthermore, the video explains the bespoke options that can be applied to as well as the popular applications and sectors for the smart transformer.

Super Low Loss-Amorphous Core HV Transformer

Powerstar electrical transformer’s remote monitoring capability using our energy management software allows 24/7 visibility to help you better understand how your electricity transformers are performing and where efficiencies can be made to obtain the best return on investment.

Developed with Industry 4.0 in mind, which is defined by Mckinsey and Company as the next phase in the digitalisation of the manufacturing sector, The remote monitoring provides comprehensive data and intelligence to provide useful grid information, conditional performance data, and energy efficiency reports. It has been designed to complement maintenance activities and allows for the remote monitoring of core temperatures, winding currents, oil temperature and, when integrated, the performance of voltage management functionality.

Amorphous Core Transformer Features

  • 36-month guarantee*
  • Bespoke to meet client’s requirements
  • Simple upgrade to HV infrastructure that can provide significant energy and cost savings
  • Surpasses 2021 EU Ecodesign Directive standards set by European Commission
  • Dedicated customer service 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Experienced UK manufacturer of quality amorphous core transformers
  • Variety of fittings and applications to suit every site

*Guarantee applies to systems installed within the UK. The guarantee will be voided if yearly maintenance performance inspections are not undertaken.

Amorphous Core Transformer Benefits

  • Up to 80% lower core losses compared to CRGO transformers
  • Delivers greater consumption savings, on average, compared to traditional CRGO transformers
  • Contributes towards CSR by reducing CO2 emissions
  • Simple non-invasive energy efficiency system
  • Gain instant energy consumption savings
  • Remote monitoring allows for greater visibility of transformers operations
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Expected lifespan of up to 50 years
  • UK Manufacture saves extra costs and emissions from shipping from abroad

A bespoke transformer solution for your business


Whilst our amorphous core transformer is an 11kV to 415V amorphous core smart distribution transformer, as manufacturers, we can provide a variety of bespoke amorphous core solutions to suit a wide range of applications, all manufactured in the UK. We offer numerous fittings and accessories to help maximise the impact of the technology on each site. These options can be discussed with our specialists at any time, and a no-obligation evaluation of a site’s needs can be arranged to assist in this decision.

Powerstar amorphous core transformers are the only amorphous core transformers manufactured in the UK, and Powerstar meets the highest quality standards including UL Quality Assurance (E472553), Quality Assurance ISO 9001:2015 (FS579032) and Environmental Management ISO 14001:2015 (EMS600861), resulting in a full solution of unparalleled quality.

custom made transformer

Specialist Custom Built power Transformers


Due to the diversity of businesses operations across the UK, Powerstar provides bespoke power transformers for specialist applications based on specific size, power or environment requirements to ensure maximum resilience and efficiency, even within challenging applications.

Whatever your requirements, our in-house team of expert engineers will work tirelessly to design and deliver a transformer that is fit-for-purpose based on your needs. As a customer focused manufacturer, we strive to overcome our customers’ challenges by offering a personalised approach from the initial product specification stage right through to after-sales support.

Throughout our history, we have overcome a diverse range of challenges from customers and therefore have experience in delivering bespoke solutions designed with the harshest conditions and environments in mind. We recognise that distribution transformers are often required in difficult areas or demanding applications so we offer a variety of different designs, such as specially designed dry type naturally air-cooled flameproof Class C insulated transformers that are robustly manufactured to withstand open cast mine environments or underground.

  • Did you know? The largest power rating ever used underground in the UK of 4500MVA, was a mining transformer manufactured by our facility in Bromsgrove.
Powerstar HV Max Transformer and Voltage optimisation solution

Voltage Management for High Voltage (HV) Transformers with HV-MAX

By combining a low-loss amorphous core distribution transformer with our electronic-dynamic voltage management technology, inefficiencies in the HV infrastructure can be greatly reduced in addition to generating additional savings in energy consumption savings and reductions in carbon emissions through the low voltage side technology.

Powerstar HV-MAX provides a combined solution to two common problems, combining a super low-loss amorphous core high voltage/low voltage transformer with integrated electronic-dynamic voltage optimisation technology, allowing for 11,000V input (other inputs available) and regulated 380V, or user-defined, output.

Voltage optimisation is required because in the UK, the majority of sites are supplied with voltage that is higher than necessary to run on-site electrical equipment optimally, leading to increased energy consumption, energy costs, CO2 emissions, and wear and tear on electrical equipment.

Find out More about HV-Max

Other Types of power Transformers

Step Down Transformers

Step Down Transformers are built for business. Depending on your sites’ power distribution requirements, you may need a local step-down transformer.

Dry Type or Air Cooled Transformer

Dry-type or ‘air-cooled’ distribution transformers are considered a low maintenance, reliable, and robust solution due to the fact that they have no moving (or serviceable) parts.

Cast Resin Transformers

A Cast Resin Transformer is a static transformer which means it doesn’t have moving parts and because of this are often the transformer of choice for high-service reliability situations.

Liquid filled and cooled Transformer

Liquid filled distribution transformers are also often utilised in situations where a higher capacity is required as they are noticeably more efficient in this application.

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