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BT Voltage Optimisation
Stuart Harris, Head of Energy and Carbon Operations, BT Technology, Service & Operations “We have been very pleased with the quality and workmanship from the team at Powerstar – the energy savings have been higher than forecast and we are expecting to run a phase 2. Powerstar has been very flexible in scoping, design and working...

BT Voltage Optimisation Testimonial

Proven to Reduce Energy and Costs “The Powerstar system has proved in independent tests arranged by energy supplier RWE npower to reduce energy usage and costs. We arranged a test of the Powerstar unit, utilising a 3rd party company to measure the claims of Powerstar against one of our buildings. The tests were carried out over...


Harris Kakoulli, Board Member at KPMG “We trusted Powerstar technology for our company to save money and energy while reducing the carbon footprint. Saving results proved that we have made the correct decision. Powerstar technology is highly recommended to any interested party.”


N. Holden, Senior Project Engineer at Polyflor “Powerstar has worked closely with Polyflor for more than a decade, assisting us in our goal to be an environmentally and economically sustainable business. Powerstar successfully installed a number of energy saving equipment from their ‘Star’ range of products throughout the Polyflor organisation in Manchester. The equipment included...


David Hannah, Head of Property at Guoman-Thistle Hotel Management (UK) Limited “In commercial terms Powerstar came up with pretty well the ideal solution. They struck just the right balance between finding a means of installing a system that would significantly reduce our energy bills while achieving the hurdle rates for capital investment. From the outset,...

Guoman-Thistle Hotel Management (UK) Limited

Spokesperson, Richmond Adult Community College (RACC) “RACC is a large academic institution comprising 3 large buildings. We decided to spend the grant money on installing energy efficient gas boilers and voltage optimisation units. We had a Powerstar 210kVA unit installed at two of our sites. On average reducing the voltage by 5% will result in a...

Richmond Adult Community College (RACC)

Mark Orpin, Head of Energy Management, ASDA Supermarkets “Powerstar voltage optimisation has been a major part of our comprehensive energy efficiency programme. It is perhaps the simplest and most effective way to instantly save energy and therefore we would highly recommend Powerstar systems.”


Graham Hall, Oxley Threads “Having the Powerstar unit installed and working in less than 4 weeks from order did indeed impress us but saving £2,000 a month on our electricity bill was even more impressive.”

Oxley Threads

Chris Chisman, Engineering Manager, TEV Ltd “The installation of Powerstar has cut our energy cost by nearly 20%. This is another positive step in TEV’s continuing commitment to the ISO14001 accreditation.”