HV Side Optimization US

Problems caused by the High Voltage (HV) infrastructure and the inefficiency of the high voltage transformer are ultimately the defining reason for businesses to invest in optimizing their voltage.

The role of the high voltage transformer is to convert high voltage electricity supplied from a power station into lower voltage electricity for safe use by the building or buildings it is supplying. High voltage transformers operate 24 hours a day seven days a week during which time they undergo constant losses of between 2%-4% of the electricity that passes through them. These losses can be significant depending on the age and efficiency of the transformer used.

This loss is divided into two categories

  1. Load losses: Caused by the load on the transformer during the time electricity is being used
  2. No load losses: Caused by the load on the transformer, regardless of whether or not a load is present

In order to optimize and improve the efficiency of the high voltage transformer, these losses need to be reduced, with the key to reducing energy consumption being to reduce the ‘no load losses’.

Improving HV Transformer Efficiency

Unless the high voltage transformer on a site is brand new, the most effective way to optimize the HV infrastructure and improve efficiencies is to replace it with a more efficient model which offers reduced losses.

Amorphous core transformers are widely recognized as the ideal replacement to an inefficient conventional transformer, as they significantly reduce no-load losses by using an amorphous alloy for the iron core, around which the transformer windings that carry the electricity are coiled.

By combining an amorphous core high voltage transformer with electronic-dynamic optimization (HV MAX) both the inefficiencies in the HV infrastructure can be removed along with generating additional savings in energy consumption savings and reductions in carbon emissions through the LV side voltage optimization technology.



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