Powerstar was established in 2001, and remains the only voltage optimization system on the market with a patent on its design. The Patent number for the system is : UK PATENT 1014460.8

What makes the Powerstar Voltage Optimization system unique?

What makes Powerstar unique is simply the way it is designed which ensures that regardless of the type of load that it is connected with, savings will be achieved through the induced negative power (back EMF) feedback to the supply it creates.
Negative power feedback
Powerstar is a transformer-based system used to optimize the characteristics of the current supplied at the source (first current), according to current characteristics required at the load (second current).

The first current is typically an alternating voltage in which case the resultant voltage is increased or decreased, this transformation routinely results in excess transformed voltage.

The supply current flows from the first winding into the second winding of a voltage optimization system, wherein the magnetic flux causes the induction of a reverse current, which is a fraction of the supply current, typically 10% (70%-80% of the 12% typically achieved by Powerstar).  This reverse current flows in the opposite direction to the supply current, wherein it is directed back to the electricity supply.

Because this reverse current is real energy, which is distinct from apparent or reactive energy, there is a direct effect on the consumption of the load. This effect is a reduction of power consumed by a load, seen by actual kWh savings

In simple terms, any excess voltage above the Powerstar set-point, is chopped and returned in the direction of the supply, generating induced negative power (back EMF) to the supply which flows towards the supply which is subtracted from the incoming power.


Benefits of the patented Powerstar design

  • 70-80% of the total savings come from the negative power (back EMF) feedback while 20-30% come from the improvement in the equipment efficiency.
  • Due to it’s unique design Powerstar is able to provide savings on LEDs and VFDs, as recently demonstrated through controlled test conditions and the University of Melbourne and Powerstar conducted demonstrations.
  • Saved energy from Powerstar voltage optimization system can be diverted into storage through Powerstar Virtue, an energy storage system which harnesses the negative power (back EMF) feedback to charge a storage medium and integrate with onsite renewable energy.



Report from Warwick University

The University of Warwick carried out a full mathematical simulation modelling of the Powerstar voltage optimization system and the report from Professor Jihong Wang concluded that:

The overall power consumption is reduced because the negative power is induced as feedback power to the source. Virtually, this power can be considered as power “generated” from the load side.

Therefore, regardless of the load connected to the Powerstar system, Powerstar will always achieve savings.



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