Powerstar Virtue LogoPowerstar Virtue is an energy storage system which harnesses the induced negative power (back EMF) from the Powerstar voltage optimization technology to charge a storage medium. Users can switch to the stored supply at any time to reduce costs and ensure they will always have optimal power. 

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What are the Benefits?

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Powerstar Virtue is fully designed and manufactured in the UK, utilising the unique, patented Powerstar voltage optimization technology along with bi-directional inverters, it provides an innovative energy storage system for businesses. The benefits of installing a Powerstar Virtue energy storage system include:

  • Maximise savings by storing electricity locally
  • Reduce costs by coming off-grid at times of high tariff
  • Eliminate risk of network interruption
  • Guarantee stable and reliable power at all times
  • Make your facility grid independent at any time
  • Full UPS site capability for up to 2 hours
  • Integrate with onsite renewables to maximise cost benefits



Is Powerstar Virtue right for my business?

Powerstar Virtue is an energy storage system which allows for greater control and flexibility of electricity usage, enabling energy stored during periods of low demand to be utilised when required.
As a result the system is beneficial for a number of different organisations, including:

  • Large consumers of electricity; such as commercial and Industrial sites
  • Distribution Network Operators
  • National Grids

Powerstar Virtue is integrated with either a Powerstar MAX or Powerstar HV MAX electronic-dynamic voltage optimisation system. This can be installed together as a new solution, or for users who already have a Powerstar installation on their site, Powerstar Virtue can be added to their existing installation.


Integrating with Renewable Generation

Powerstar Virtue allows companies to save and store electricity locally and switch to this stored supply at any time. On site renewable generation can be integrated with Powerstar Virtue to provide the maximum cost benefit, this includes:

  • Eliminating the need for inverters on renewables
  • Reducing the cost of initial renewable installations
  • Increasing the ROI levels of renewable installations
  • Storing energy generated by on-site renewable technologies



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