Benefits of Energy Storage

The benefits of battery energy storage systems (BESS), such as Powerstar VIRTUE, can be numerous but ultimately the overall purpose of energy storage is to deliver fundamental improvements to the way that electricity is generated, delivered and consumed.

The general benefits of the VIRTUE energy storage solution can be broken down into four areas:Virtue: The benefits of energy storage

Our Vision - Vision & Values of Powerstar

Powerstar VIRTUE can:

  • Reduce: Your sites electricity consumption from the grid by using the scalable battery energy storage system capabilities of Powerstar VIRTUE to take your site off grid during peak DUoS and Triad tariffs
  • Store: Onsite renewable sources and energy at off-peak times when electricity is cheaper and it would normally be wasted
  • Save: Switch to stored power at any time to maximise revenues and save energy
  • Eliminate: Operational risks through the full load Uninterruptible Power Supply capabilities of the VIRTUE energy storage system

The VIRTUE energy storage system is not an off the shelf product, it is an engineered solution which is designed to match the bespoke challenges facing businesses. As a result, each Powerstar VIRTUE system is designed, manufactured and engineered specifically for each client to achieve maximum efficiency and savings.

Along with grid energy storage, Powerstar VIRTUE is also able to enhance the use of renewable energy sources by improving the reliability of renewable generation and maximising the benefits of wind and solar generation, in turn reducing the dependency on fossil fuels.

The VIRTUE energy storage system allows for greater control and flexibility of electricity usage, and offers a range of benefits including:

Benefits of Energy Storage: Cost Savings

  • Delivers average annual electricity cost savings of 24%
  • Minimises transmission costs (Triads)
  • Minimises distribution costs (red DUoS)
  • Provides maximum demand control
  • Reduces reactive power charges
  • Reduces the likelihood of energy related failures which can total as much as 17% of annual revenues

Benefits of Energy Storage: Potential Revenues

  • Allows access to National Grid contracts (FFR, EFR)
  • Provides average revenues of £120,000 per MW
  • Enables energy to be exported at peak market prices
  • Maximises renewable generation incomes

Benefits of Energy Storage: General Benefits

  • Controls maximum demand
  • Stores excess renewable energy
  • Applications to allow electric vehicle charging
  • Provides full UPS capabilities, eliminates need for additional backup generation



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