The Powerstar VIRTUE energy storage system allows for greater control and flexibility of electricity usage, providing an integrated energy management and microgrid solution with smart grid control. The applications of energy storage enable business users and electricity grid operators to benefit from flexibility, lower energy costs and greater security of supply.

Powerstar VIRTUE works by capturing the electricity produced by both renewable and non-renewable sources and storing it for discharge when required. The applications of energy storage solutions such as VIRTUE allows users to come off-grid and switch to stored electricity at a time most beneficial.

By using the energy storage capabilities of the VIRTUE system during peak DUoS and Triad tariff periods, users can switch to stored electricity generated during the cheaper tariff periods, therefore making savings on electricity costs and maximising revenues.

Applications of Energy Storage

Along with grid energy storage, Powerstar VIRTUE is also able to enhance renewable sources by improving the reliability of renewable generation, maximising the benefits of wind and solar generation and in turn reducing the dependency on fossil fuels. It is forming an integral part in the future development of Smart Cities, driving the evolution to a smart, flexible energy system led by energy storage, Demand Side Response (DSR), smart networks and interconnection, resulting in lower energy costs, greater security of supply and the transition to a low carbon economy.

Applications of the VIRTUE energy storage solutions include:

  • Energy Storage: Utilising the most appropriate technology, Powerstar VIRTUE will store energy provided by the National Grid throughout night hours where there is usually excessive electricity generation (low cost) and use it during peak hours (high cost)
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS): The VIRTUE energy storage system provides a site with full UPS capabilities to the load at all times, eliminating the need for additional back-up generation. This is particularly important for sites that require a constant energy supply to critical equipment, and can protect in the case of brown-outs which are becoming increasingly common. UPS capabilities also reduce the likelihood of energy related failures which can total as much as 17% of annual revenues.
  • Maximising Renewable Energy Generation: Allied with an effective storage medium, energy generated by solar (PV) can be stored by the VIRTUE energy storage system for discharge during periods of peak demand
  • Electric Vehicle Charging: VIRTUE EV is a combined DC rapid / fast charger and energy storage system with integrated 6kW solar (PV) canopies which allows a site with limited grid capacity to charge vehicles without upgrading infrastructure

Powerstar VIRTUE is designed and manufactured to the highest recognised international standards, providing assurance that the solutions represent the most efficient and highest quality systems on the market.
In addition, with full R&D, design, engineering, manufacture and assembly facilities in-house individually tailored, bespoke systems can be adapted to tackle whatever challenges clients face.

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