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Globally the demand for electricity is growing, with an expected rise of around 60% by 2030. As demand rises electricity supplies will be put under pressure to deliver a stable supply at times of high demand. Many companies are now looking into energy storage technologies as a way of protecting their facilities from grid interruptions.

Integrating energy storage with renewable technology can maximise the cost benefit of renewable power installations.

Powerstar Virtue is an energy storage technology that allows companies to save and store electricity locally and switch to the stored supply at any time.

On-site renewable generation combined with the award winning Powerstar Virtue system will allow users to:
  • Eliminate the need for inverters on renewable generation technology
  • Reduce the cost of initial renewable installation
  • Increase the return on investment levels of renewable generation installations
  • Store energy generated by on-site renewable technologies
  • Become grid independent at times of peak demand/high tariff
  • Guarantee stable and reliable power
  • Eliminate the risk of network interruption


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