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One of the largest international retailers has started a roll out program to install Powerstar Virtue systems into their stores. The Powerstar Virtue has been installed to control the stores lighting systems. The advantages of the system are significant.

The installation of the Powerstar Virtue system means that no emergency lighting fittings are required, thus no future maintenance costs on such fittings. Emergency fire safety systems, sprinklers, etc. can be fed through the Powerstar Virtue reducing maintenance and improving their reliability. No UPS systems for the tills are required which further reduces capital expenditure.

Therefore on a site with 50kW lighting load, the capital savings (no emergency lighting, no UPS for the store as the tills can be powered through the Virtue) could be in excess of £35,000.

In addition, the Virtue system is grid tied and charges and discharges its storage daily thus removing the lighting from the grid during the red DUos charges, which also ensures 100% TRIADs avoidance for the lighting load.

The savings by not using the grid energy during the Red DUos times and full TRIADs avoidance on a 50KW lighting load is around £7,000 per year.

As the system is grid tied and therefore a Virtual Power Station (VPS) it is also participating in grid incentives which for this small system are around £3,500 per year.

Powerstar Virtue was voted the European Utility Product of the year in November 2015 and our innovation in power electrical engineering means that we can install a custom Virtue system for any one of your requirements.


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