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Powerstar distributor PMITech have installed the first Powerstar voltage optimisation system in Italy.

In a trusted advisory capacity they consult commercial real estate property owners, industrial SME’s, retail chains and property management firms offering energy assessment and auditing, project evaluation, installation and integration management and in-house design services.

A long and established client of PMITech, a shoe manufacturer based in Napoli, Italy have been looking at ways to reduce their energy spend and lower their carbon emissions.

Installation details

The incoming voltage to the site was measured at 235V whilst the machinery on site is rated at 220V. A fixed 179kVA Powerstar voltage optimisation system was recommended to correct the overvoltage of 15V. An Under Voltage Controller Bypass System was also fitted to allow the system to be taken In and Out of savings mode to assist in establishing the savings.

Since its installation in early February 2016 the site is currently benefiting from around 12% reduction in electrical consumption with no reported issues to production.


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