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Powerstar distributor On Sp. z o.o are hosting a Powerstar conference at SSE Euro Park, Mielec in Poland. The conference will take place on Monday 21st March 2016 and the attendees are all companies who are interested in finding out how Powerstar voltage optimisation systems and the new innovative Virtue energy storage system can reduce electricity consumption, cut carbon emissions and save money on their energy spend.

Powerstar voltage optimisation systems come in three variations:
  • Powerstar – Fixed voltage reduction system which provides a set level reduction across the tap range and is suitable for sites with a high but stable input voltage.
  • Powerstar MAX – Electronic dynamic reduction system which maintains voltage at a constant, stable level and is suitable for sites with a high and fluctuating voltage profile.
  • Powerstar HV MAX – Amorphous core HV/LV transformer with integrated Powerstar MAX voltage optimisation which is ideal for sites operating their own HV/LV distribution transformer.


The Virtue energy storage solution harnesses the negative power (back EMF) feedback from Powerstar voltage optimisation technology to charge a storage medium. The electricity saved and stored from Powerstar to be diverted into a storage medium to be used at any time, including times of peak demand.


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