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Woolworths in South Africa have installed Powerstar voltage optimisation systems in several of their retail stores.

Powerstar South Africa commissioned an independent Measurement and Verification (M&V) report from Energy Cybernetics to develop the M&V procedures to quantify the impact of the Powerstar voltage optimisation system installed in Woolworths at Melrose Arch in Johannesburg. The purpose of the study was to evaluate the electricity saving performance of the installation.

The Woolworths store located at Melrose Place has a trading area of 5200sqm and is the first store to be built over three levels. The store houses a large food section, clothing range, homewares and an extensive beauty department.

Following a site evaluation and analysis of the store load and consumption Powerstar South Africa recommended the installation of voltage optimisation. The Powerstar voltage optimisation system was installed on the main incoming supply to the store.

The savings were analysed using the store half hourly metered consumption data.

Key figures
  • Guaranteed consumption savings: 7.25%
  • Actual consumption savings: 8.27%
  • Annual reduction in CO2 emissions: 154.4 tonnes


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