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Understanding the different technologies

Voltage Management (VM) is a term commonly used in the description of energy management technologies, in particular references to solutions which provide voltage reduction or voltage stabilisation such as step down transformers or voltage regulators.

One technology which is often mistakenly labelled under the voltage management umbrella is Voltage Optimisation (VO), and we have provided a comparison document which explains why Voltage Optimisation & Voltage Management are regularly mistaken for the same technology and the key differences between the two in terms of application and results.

pdfDownload our comparison document to find out.

The latest voltage optimisation news

Powerstar voltage optimisation has been featured in the following trade publications recently:
  • Building Services and Environment Engineer showcasing how education facilities are benefiting from voltage optimisation
  • Modern Building Services where Dr Alex Mardapittas discusses why voltage optimisation is needed
  • Maintenance & Engineering which highlights the savings in a Yorkshire based engineering company


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New look

After a busy year in 2015, we have been working hard throughout the first part of 2016 updating the Powerstar communications and marketing collateral to make our brands more accessible and memorable.

The look of the website has changed and further changes to the layout in the coming months will make the website easier to navigate and information easier to find.

Our updated brochures can be accessed through the website.


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