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We have recently purchased a fleet of four new electrically powered road vehicles which comprises of three cars and one small van. They have all been decorated with our updated branding and display ‘driving innovation’.

As part of our green initiatives we aim to further reduce our environmental impact by transforming our entire fleet into electrically powered vehicles by 2018 which – an ambitious target which we are currently on track to achieve. Due to our innovative solutions within the energy storage market we have invented our own ‘rapid charge’ system which is already installed at two points at our Sheffield based, head office premises.

Further development of our car park is set to see a new innovation reach the market in late 2016, which will incorporate our Virtue energy storage technology into our electric vehicle (EV) charging stations in order to achieve a completely ‘off-grid’ charging solution.

To showcase its capabilities, a fully working integrated system will be installed on-site in Autumn 2016 and will be available for guests to utilise and act as a demonstration tool for potential clients. Full details of the EV product launch will be announced shortly and you can subscribe below to make sure you receive all the information.

Dr Alex Mardapittas, Managing Director and Inventor of the Powerstar range of technologies commented “As the energy landscape further evolves it is essential that we relieve demand from the grid. By having a zero emissions fleet which charges from a system that only draws power from the grid at times of low-demand we are taking a huge step in the right direction.

He continued “As proud inventors, manufacturers and engineers of energy management solutions it is essential we lead the industry by example.”

The latest developments in EV follow an exciting project in which we secured a €350,000 EU grant towards a project called ‘interGRIDy’ which went towards the development and manufacture of 15 Virtue energy storage and electric vehicle (EV) charging units for use on the Isle of Wight project…


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