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We have now covered our first 10,000 miles with our electric car fleet (Nissan Leaf cars and Nissan e-NV200 vans). Great driving experience, great cars and a good feeling that you never have to visit another petrol station again.

There are however, some aspects of driving electric cars that need careful consideration. Hence, I thought to share the personal experience and the company benefits from the electric car fleet.

The Good.

Cost: Average cost per 1000 miles is £22, which is less than a quarter of the cost of an efficient fuel car. Very important for us as a manufacturer (saving around £750 for 10,000 miles)

CO2: Based on the UK Government, a saving of 122.1g of CO2 per km or 196.5g per mile ( Total CO2 savings in 10,000 miles are 1965kg or 1.965tonnes. Good feeling especially as our products are designed to save energy and CO2.

The Bad.

Range: 150 miles only hence journeys are limited to this range. If you want to travel further then you need to charge during the journey, hence must be scheduled.

The Ugly.

Unreliable charging points: In a recent visit to Ellesmere Port (return journey of 170 miles which is outside the car range) I schedule my journey. I called at a well know Supermarket which was 2 minutes walk from my meeting, and booked the charging point for my arrival. I did ask the question if the charging point was working and checked on ZAP-MAP for issues. All pointed to a perfect journey. Arrived at the supermarket in time, plugged the car in and all look well, car was charging. I went to my meeting and two hours later went to the car only to find out that the charger tripped shortly after I plugged it in. Had to wait another 2 hours to get enough charge for my returned journey.

Overall. Great cars to drive, great savings, great environmental benefits. Looking forward to the range to be extended to around 350 miles to enable full uneventful journeys. Be careful if you are planning journeys longer than the car range.


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