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The National Grid’s new UK executive director, Nicola Shaw, has spoken to the BBC recently about how technological advances will reduce the need for new conventional power stations in the UK.

In the interview Ms Shaw argued that 30% – 50% of fluctuations in the electricity grid could be smoothed by businesses and households adjusting their demand at peak times and that a smart energy revolution is being driven by people and firms generating, storing and consuming power flexibly through new controls and online software.

Read the Full BBC Interview


How Virtue contributes to the smart energy revolution

This move towards more flexible energy use is being welcomed by Powerstar as they continue to lead research and development in new and innovative energy saving solutions.

The latest addition the the Powerstar family is Virtue, an energy storage system which allows for greater control and flexibility of electricity usage. It allows companies to save and store electricity locally and switched to the stored supply at any time. The system also has full UPS capabilities for the connected load which eliminates the need for additional back up generation.

The ability to switch to the stored electricity supply means companies can participate in grid incentive schemes, generate revenues by supporting the grid at times of peak demand and reduce electricity costs by an average of 24% by minimising the DUoS and Triad charges made by the utility providers.

Towards the end of 2016 Powerstar will unveil Virtue EV, which will integrate Virtue’s energy storage solution with electric vehicle rapid charging.


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