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Pick n Pay is the second largest supermarket chain in South Africa and its portfolio includes supermarkets, clothing stores, pharmacies and mini markets.

The chain actively promote sustainable practices throughout their facilities and are committed to minimising its carbon footprint by reducing water and energy use.

In 2015 the group achieved an overall reduction of 840 million kWh in electricity consumption, recycled 19,861 tonnes of store waste and donated any food passed its sell by date, but not its expiry date, to charity.

The retail stores account for 90% of the groups electricity use so Pick n Pay’s energy reduction strategy centres on implementing innovative technologies in new stores and retro fitting existing stores. As a result of the energy reduction strategy Powerstar South Africa were invited to look at the electricity usage at the Port Alfred and Grahamstown stores, both already utilising energy saving technologies, to see if further savings could be made.

Following the installation of Powerstar voltage optimisation systems, the Port Alfred store is achieving a 7.8% reduction in annual electricity consumption and the Grahamstown store is achieving a 8.7% reduction.


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