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After recently featuring in The Energyst’s magazine offering his comments on the ‘BATTERY STORAGE: POSITIVE OUTLOOK’ piece, it has now been included in The Energyst’s ‘Demand Side Response – Turning inertia into inertia – 2016 Report’ (page 38). Below is the excerpt from the piece, however the intriguing full 42 page report can be downloaded direct from The Energyst by following the link at the bottom of the post.

The battery business case ‘already stacks up for I&C firms’

“It is not a small investment decision,” but the business case for battery storage already stacks up, according to Richard King, of energy management engineering firm Powerstar. King says peak shaving for DUoS and Triad combined with frequency response revenues are in some cases secondary to the value of an onsite UPS “to cover the ‘microcuts’ we are increasingly seeing on the system”.

Combining the three elements makes a commercially viable proposition, he says, but early investors in the I&C sector are likely to be those who understand the value of lost load to their business. “If you know that cost, you can monetise it – and it can be worth a great deal. If you are part of a supply chain, you may face very punitive
penalties,” says King. “The ability to respond to a power shutdown within 20 milliseconds is very valuable – as are cutting network costs and generating
income from frequency response.”


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