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January can, at times, be a slow, quiet and sombre month, however, for Powerstar’s international team it has been one filled with growth, promise and new ventures.

A manufacturer based in the Baltic States has just purchased the first of two 1600kVA Powerstar HV MAX system installs in its facility, following a thorough site evaluation, voltage profile measurement and analysis of the sites electrical characteristics.

The key driver in the decision to adopt the energy efficiency technologies was sustainability. The client is keen to reduce their carbon emissions and promotes an environmentally responsible ethos throughout its global estate.

The second HV MAX system is required because like many typical manufacturing sites, each incoming supply requires at least 2 units to maintain system redundancy and is hoped to be brought in later in the year.

Once both systems are installed they will be monitored for a predetermined period of time as a ‘proof of concept’ to establish typical savings from Powerstar’s super low loss amorphous core transformers, with an intention to roll out across their global facilities.

Powerstar’s HV MAX combines an amorphous core transformer with electronic-dynamic voltage optimisation – a variable form of VO that effectively optimises an unstable voltage and optimises it to a constant level – which considering voltage levels on the site can vary by as much as 30V per day, makes fixed voltage optimisation a less viable option. Likewise, any manufacturing business that has critical services or equipment may benefit from the additional security of a constant stable supply offered by variable voltage optimisation.

The transformers used in the Powerstar HV MAX systems already exceed the upcoming Eco Design 2021 efficiency specifications, providing a high efficient solution which provides greater returns on investment over the transformers lifespan in comparison to conventional low-loss transformers.

Martin Stevens, Powerstar’s International Sales Director commented “It’s fantastic to see further expansion for Powerstar internationally, especially within Europe. The awareness and adoption of energy efficient technologies worldwide is growing and it’s what the industry needs in order to achieve the European Commission’s ambitious 2020 energy efficiency targets.

Businesses are realising that in addition to optimising their businesses for sustainable purposes, they can also reduce energy consumption and make significant savings, without disrupting their day to day operations.”

Once the systems have been in place for several months a savings verification will take place, the results of which will be published directly on Powerstar’s website. (

If you’d like to learn more or discuss how voltage optimisation can help reduce your businesses energy consumption and provide cost savings please fill in the short contact form below.


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